Japanese Cars : All passengers including Pajero, L-300 and L-200: 5 Years or 100,000 Km’s (whichever comes first) from the original date of purchase.

Engine Oil

You may notice that when checking oil level, the color is more black than normal – this is a special additive put in by the vehicle manufacturer to aid the running-in process. Some of the oil is retained after the change of oil at 1st service for further improvement in engine performance.

During running-in, which can be up to 10,000 Km’s probably more oil is used until full efficiency is obtained and is not indicative of any malfunction.


The battery supplied with the vehicle is fully warranted for one year. A battery that is merely discharged is not considered defective.


Fixed and moving glasses, which can become damaged due to many causes, are not covered by vehicle warranty


Tyres are not covered by vehicle manufacturer warranty and are handled by local agents of the tyre manufacturer, to whom you should refer any problems for their consideration.

Wheel tyre balance and alignment are not covered by warranty and if required, are additional charges to Service Voucher expenses. 


Following are not covered by the warranty applicable to the vehicle

Incidental and consequential loss due to suspected defect in design, manufacturer and assembly.

Repairs necessitated by fire, accident, abuse, overloading, racing-negligence or damage due to objects striking the cars, or misuse of the car such as driving over curbs etc.

Repairs required as a result of modification not recommended or approved by manufacturer.

Loss of Engine oil, Lubricants, Antifreeze, Battery, Electrolyte, Transmission, Power Steering Fluids.

Damage caused by external influences such as chemical pollution, Acid rain, road hazards, traffic accident, hail, sand, salt, stones, lightning, floods, fire or disasters whether due to human fault or negligence or acts of God.

Damage caused by improper or insufficient maintenance.

Unauthorized repairs performed and repairs required as a result of the use of parts other than MMC supplied parts.

Corrosion caused by accident damage, abuse or vehicle alteration. Surface Corrosion caused by such things as industrial fallout, sand nail and stones, etc.

All repairs and renewals in terms of the vehicle manufacturer's warranty should be carried out at our service facilities located in Al Rai, East Ahmadi, Fahaheel and Jahra.


Any queries regarding service and the interpretation of the terms and conditions of the warranty should be referred to the Reception Manager at any of our service facilities located at:


Al Rai SC: 





23980533 / 23980566 / 23989189





Failure to carry out any of the service referred to in the schedules attached in the maintenance manual will render the guarantee null and void.

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